Highspeed Initiative

The current initiative is an education- and student-driven innovation project using an experimental, massive open online (MOOP) platform. This initiative is launched as a common effort by EASN, ESA and IdeaSquare@CERN, as an extension of the current CBI program at IdeaSquare. It poses an engineering-driven challenge for cross-disciplinary university students: design a high speed, 300- passenger aircraft that, based on a new business model, demonstrates economic viability.

The ramp-up starts in 2018 with different engineering-driven student assignments. They build up on the existing teaching curriculum of the participating home universities. The aim is not to compete or question other research projects on supersonic civil aircrafts but rather to offer supervised (under)graduate students an opportunity to innovate collectively and in a new interdisciplinary manner.

Visit the platform at http://wiki.highspeed.education/


Will IdeaSquare@CERN, EASN and ESA now build together a high-speed aircraft? Absolutely not, our respective focus are Challenge Based Innovation in high tech environments, Aviation and Space Research respectively.

However we are interested in educating the next-generation of scientists and engineers as part of our missions. Our common interest lies in new collaborative platforms and we looked for an educational and collaborative initiative with a strong engineering component. Students are the main executors under expert supervision and the collaborative platform is open to all institutions willing to participate as well as open to the outside world.

What are the roles of IdeaSquare@CERN, EASN and ESA?

IdeaSquare@CERN is in charge of the development of the successive versions of the collaborative platform as well as to stimulate its use based on its user-friendliness. EASN’s role is to steer their network of Universities in integrating the use of the collaborative platform into their curricula. ESA is sharing on an ad-hoc basis their expertise in running multi-dimensional technological projects in aerospace.

In case you have a technical question on the use of the collaborative platform, please contact Jani or Oday at IdeaSquare@CERN: jani.kalasniemi@cern.ch , oday.darwich@cern.ch

In case you have an overall question on the initiative, please contact Romain at IdeaSquare@CERN: r.muller@cern.ch